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A few days after Christmas, I’m driving some ways away to see one of my best friends get married. She introduced me to my husband and we were awesome roommates, so it’s only fitting. And then, I get to have two friends sleepover at my house a few days after that because they’re attending the same university. :happybounce: My, how I love people!!


Two weeks from tomorrow school starts. As in, the start of my straight-A, awesome, amazing art-only classes! And I’m hoping that in a week I’ll have a few things up my sleeve to show. :fingerscrossed:


Again, contribute to rkirkland’s awesome project if you haven’t already; everyone likes a pick-me up! :)…

I love Christmas so, so, so, so, so much. And I think I’m enjoying it even more despite moving because(in case my past journals haven’t made this clear) snow is absolutely fascinating. It’s been on the ground for over a month now. I thought it would disappear after Thanksgiving so I could put up lights and remain in my beachy Californian comfort zone, but last week I gave up and endured below-freezing temperatures. The prettiest part about snow is that it merely remained, but it’s somehow melded into the branches and leaves like it’s a part of the trees themselves. If it weren’t for the cold, I’d be hiking and taking photos all over. But it’s way. Too. Cold.


Anyway, about Christmas. I think most of my incredible friends on here realize that I’m very much into taking lessons away from things, including holidays and other special events. While I certainly love partying, I don’t really enjoy commercialization or belittlement of important dates, things, places, etc. Growing up, I didn’t get that many presents despite being an only child. My parents lost a lot thanks to extended family, so my idea of Christmas has mostly been that of a sparse space beneath a brilliantly light tree, and making delicious penuche. Until I became religious and realized the actual point of Christmas, it really had little effect on me aside from talking to Santa(by the way, my dad was a Santa for years, which made my life awesome once I knew Santa wasn’t exactly real).


The point of Christmas is Christ. I could on and on about how much I love Christ and all He’s done. But that would take a while and get wildly off the subject. The most important part to celebrating Christmas is honoring its namesake, and in my opinion I think that goes beyond this time of the year. I think it means trying to help or lift others in what ways we can, all year and every day and every opportunity. This is a difficult world we live in, but even the smallest outreaching to someone in need can help immensely. I've been saved from my own stupidity because someone was suddenly there to pull me out of a rut, and I'm sure that something I've done for another person has affected them, regardless of my unknowing.


In closing, here’s the end of a Christmas poem by Christina Rosetti(if you love surreal poetry, read her; she’s Pre-Raphaelite and even excellent by this not-so-poetry lover), which gives a wonderful sentiment:


What can I give Him,
Poor as I am?
If I were a shepherd
I would bring a lamb,
If I were a wise man
I would do my part,
Yet what I can I give Him,
Give my heart.


Christmas La I hope you all have an excellent, safe, warm, and merry Christmas this year!Christmas La 

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So… still waiting on school and looking for work. The weather here is getting even more crazy… negative temperatures!


I do have some cool personal news, though – I’ve been given permission to apply for a more rigorous and prestigious degree – a BFA in Graphic Design, versus a mere Bachelors with an emphasis in it. :w00t: I have until March, which is the next examination. Hopefully I’ll ace it!


Before I go on, please check out and participate in this awesome project by rlkirkland:… . It’s a nice, feel-good and getting-to-know people project; you give him a note with an inspiring quote, one of your lit pieces, and what that piece means. He features your piece and shares a little more sunshine with dA writers. Good deal! :la:


The Desolation of Smaug

or, Fan-fiction Invasion


I’m a pretty big Tolkien fan. It was bred into me from before I could read; my dad would tell stories of fantastic races nearly every night. When I began to read Tolkien’s work in third grade, I recognized Bilbo and Frodo and Eru and practically everything else. I realized that all along, I already knew these stories from my father’s child-sized versions.


Remember our childhood days, where kids actually went outside? I’m sure we’ve all played the kid’s version of saving a fantasy kingdom as a knight, a wizard, and a princess… well, I was that one weird kid who swung her Sword of Omens toy around and reinforced the treehouse because it was actually Helms Deep. No one else knew what I was going on about, but I tried my hardest to keep Sauron’s forces from coming in!


So, The Hobbit. I loved the midnight premiere of An Unexpected Journey, especially when I realized that Jackson was adding in other events from The Hobbit timeline, which you find in the mainly in the appendices.  It was awesome, staying pretty faithful to the book as far as it covered. I didn’t mind the few, tiny differences made.


And then there’s The Desolation of Smaug ( Disclaimer – if you haven’t read the books, you have every right to think it’s a good movie). It seems like Jackson decided to write an alternate-universe fan-fiction of The Hobbit for the second film. That’s literally the only way I can describe the mess, as I was continually waiting for the story I knew to continue its blossoming. Graphics-wise, everything is gorgeous as per usual. Some of the cgi animation looks fake (especially in the end), but whatever. Smaug is the best cgi dragon I’ve seen.


And that’s where it ends. I had the expectation that a small novel being made into three movies meant loads of detail for each scene and event; that’s what An Unexpected Journey did. It’s jarring when any sort of series detaches itself, but it happened.


The good news about The Desolation of Smaug is that we see Beorn, an Edain skin-changer. It’s not for very long, but the animated movie didn’t bother with him at all.


All of the events in the movie are incredibly rushed, going through the basics of a scene only to rush headfirst into another clash with the orcs. I really don’t like formulas, especially made up ones. The many different scenes we encounter are vastly different from the book:


:bulletred: Mirkwood Forest encompasses several days, and the company gets entirely separated. There is also no mention of the Enchanted River, which could be played for humor and is one of my favorite obstacles in the book. Thorin also is not spider-bagged, instead being found by the woodelves first.


:bulletorange: Orcs do not keep attacking the company!! The dwarves aren’t even visible in the barrels as they travel to Esgaroth. Legolas has no part in The Hobbit either.


:bulletyellow: Laketown is not commentary on communism (Esgaroth’s Master is pretty nice, letting the company stay for a fortnight or so). And forget about the black arrow junk; Smaug armored all but one tiny spot of his weak underbelly with treasure.


:bulletgreen: There is no set day concerning the secret door into Erebor, as the company spends ample time getting there, and it takes some days to get in. What is time-specific is the moonletters inscribed on the map. Also, it is the last ray of sun that reveals the keyhole, not moonlight.


:bulletblue: No, the dwarves do not enter Erebor and outsmart Smaug with the fakest molten gold I have ever seen. Smaug rampages after he notices a goblet is missing, believing it was someone from Esgaroth. Bilbo doesn’t even talk to the dragon until after the company’s ponies are all gobbled up and the dwarves pissed themselves from fright. And Bard can talk to birds, by the way.


And then there’s the icing on the cake that made me the maddest: Jackson put in a fan-character. Tauriel, a Sindarin elf. Why’d he create her hot-tempered, powerful, and disobedient little self? Because apparently female audiences can’t enjoy something that has no female characters. It’s a law that if there is no character of your race, gender, opinion, etc, that you can in no way relate, after all. Way to insult your not-so-braindead audience. Not only that, but a love triangle is formed between her, Leoglas, and (drumroll) Kili. I have no idea why Legolas is in here aside from for fanservice. :nuu:


I can understand justified plot changes, but adding characters into an already established canon? That’s fan-fiction. So is making a love-triangle as a plot point.


I did like The Desolation of Smaug, really I did. But I was disappointed. This is a children-focused novel that is barely 300 pages and very direct(so the appendix contents added in are nice). Two movies  was justifiable with how wonderfully accurate An Unexpected Journey was. I expect 90% perfection at least with this simple of a plot between two movies, even more so with three.


At least The Hunger Games and Catching Fire only missed three parts consecutively. :)

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IT'S SNOWING!! There's snowflakes falling everywhere and it's inhumane negative weather that instantly gives me frostbite, and I'm so happy to see snow all over outside my house! :happybounce:

Annnnd back on topic. Blogs. According to nearly every writing resource and my friends with experience in authoring, I need an online platform. I've known this for a good number of years but didn't want to bother. Now that most of my beloved story is complete with only massive revisions and critiques to do, I figure I better get more serious and accept hard facts. I hate Twitter and Instagram and other like sites for platforms, leaving me with blogging - which seems like it would give stretch room for fun, business aside. I don't know if any of you awesome peeps would know anything about blogging with this intent in mind, but if you have any insight, I have some weird questions I can't find an answer to:

My Name on a Blog: How would I go about with a blog that agents would look at, and yet keep my name fairly private? Would initials and a snazzy last name suffice, or would using a fake alias ruin me if an agent found me through the site?

Design: How ritzy would my blog need to appear, assuming aesthetics is a factor to agents?

Blog Subjects: Is it okay to have writing and the like as a main thing in my blog, alongside art or another interest? I don't want to have posts all over the place, but I also can't see myself running a weekly blog on only one subject - and only one of my favorite things. 


Other than those points I'm curious about, there's not really much I'm concerned about. You guys should check out and participate in this awesome project, because everyone needs some uplifting at times:…

With that done, onto the yearly bombardment of the Ten Meme!! :eager:

:bulletred: Ten Things Meme :bulletred: 

:bulletorange: Rules :bulletorange:

1.- You must posts these rules.

2.-  Each person has to share 10 things about them

3.- Answer the 10 questions asked to you and invent 10 questions the people you tag will have to answer 

4.- Choose 10 people and put their icons on your journal

5.- You have to legitimately tag 10 people (because I still don’t tag that often)



:bulletyellow: My Ten Facts :bulletyellow:

1. I can fluently read Elder and Younger Futhark – probably more useless than knowing Latin.


2. My cooking skills tend to be lackluster unless it’s Indian, pasta, or rice dishes.


3. I still haven’t learned to ride a bike without crashing.


4. Seeing people’s scalps freaks me out.


5. I absolutely adore my seven-year old black Lab.


6. I wish Runescape, and all the Legend of Zelda games, and all of the Pokemon games (minus B&W and X&Y) would be combined into a single mega-game of epicness.


7. When I do like popular things or fads, it’s not because they’re trendy to like.


8. My husband is the only one who can cook eggs that I’ll eat.


9. I hate, hate, hate businesses that make employees work on holidays.


10. Meeting new people for me is the equivalent of a fat kid devouring a quadruple chocolate cheesecake!



:bulletgreen: inknalcohol’s Questions :bulletgreen:

1. What animal would you be if you could be any animal?

A whale shark! :D My dream is to one day ride on one.

2. Dinner time and you're allowed to invite any one person (living, dead, famous or not).  Who do you invite and why?

I’d probably invite someone like Gandhi or Hobbes. I like learning about insights people have, and their sorts have a lot to tell.

3. Who's your favorite super hero?

Spider-Man.  The latest movie of him gave him depth, which is unheard of in superheroes!


4. What about villain?
Does Slenderman count? Maybe not… Dolores Umbridge for worst(read: best) and most dastardly villain?!


5. Do you have a favorite book? And if so, how many times have you read it?

Les Miserables, Count of Monte Cristo, and Ender’s Game all tie. I’ve read Count of Monte Cristo the most, at six times!


6. Beach or mountains?
Beach, of course. Even though I’m miles away from one, it’s still in my being. :)


7. Tea or Coffee?
Neither. I drink water, juice, smoothies and the occasional milkshake. I drink soda only on special occasions, so now the carbonation burns my throat anyway.


8. If there was a chance for it, would you let me cook you dinner? We'd also have to drink Jameson.
Oh yes! I’d love a gourmet meal from the almight GrimFace! :eager:


9. What would you want me to cook you for dinner?
Anything involving chicken, spinach, and delicious spices. Chocolate is good, too.


10. What is your biggest fear?

Being alone or unloved.



:bulletblue: BeaBae’s Questions :bulletblue:

1. What is the most ridiculous length you have gone to avoid something? 

Once I got a note from my doctor once so I didn’t have to do a presentation in a class I hated with every fiber of my being. If I don’t want to do something, I’ll go to huge lengths to avoid it – in a polite way, of course.


2. Show me a cool picture! Or a cool animation! A cool fact! Show me a cool!

Here’s this thing from a cool user on youtube -…


3. Go learn a new thing about history or science. Right now. Pause and google around or check in on a didyoukno or random fact site. What did you learn?

The auroras borealis and australis are a result of magnetization, interaction with nitrogen and oxygen atoms. Wind speed also determines the color of auroras.


4. What is the soundtrack to your life right now?

It’s always Disney songs. Or Daft Punk until they went lame.


5. On the topic of music, what are the top three most played songs in your music library? Why are they there? Tightrope(Janelle Monae), Aerodynamic(Daft Punk), and Stars(Les Miserables). I like the music in all three, and Stars is one of my favorite songs from the Les Miserables musical.


6. If your imagination was a landscape, what would it look like?

Glitter, clouds, ponies, and ocean on one side, and super scary shadow things on the other.


7. What is Love?

That’s a huge question. :( English only has one word to umbrella each type in. But I do know that every type of love involves selflessness and compassion. So that’s something.


8. How do you tell someone who is not necessarily dangerous that you're a little scared and want them to back up a little?

“Hey, can you move over a bit?” or something similar, but more forceful.



9. Fictional Relationships: What makes them tick for you?

I really don’t care, if we’re talking about romantic ones. Romance in writing and film mostly serve as a reason for me to roll my eyes. Probably because most are completely unrealistic and make no sense.


10. If there was one characteristic you could take from a certain fictional character, what would it be? 

I’d say Monseigneur Bienvenu’s utter kindness, or his wisdom(if you haven't read the book, this is Bishop Myriel, who has compassion on the paroled Valjean).



:bulletpurple: My Questions :bulletpurple:


1. What genre of music do you think is the most underrated or unappreciated?

2. Who is your favorite book/movie character?

3. Do you feel a personal connection to the character above?

4. Which is better: feature-length or short films?

5. Can you solve a Rubik’s Cube without cheating?

6. If you and I could go on an adventure, where would we go? (unless you would never adventure with me…)

7. What goes around the world, but stays in a corner?

8. 80’s movies or 60’s music?

9. Do you have an embarrassing nickname?

10. SNOW?!

Have a great weekend! I'm going to ride a reindeer tomorrow! :la:

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I'd had an iPhone for a few months. It’s nice. I have a snarky virtual assistant, a My Little Pony game, writing and drawing apps when I’ve forgotten my notebooks and pens at home, and a program to help me learn Italian and better hone my German. It’s in a price range I can handle. I like it, no doubt. In fact, it helped me win NaNoWriMo. But now that I have a smartphone, I’m also increasingly more cautious.


A few years ago in my incredible speech class with the most amazing professor ever, I had free range on my final speech’s topic. I could do a dramatic reading of my own work or a published piece, a PowerPoint on something I felt important, a tutorial(one kid did screenprinting, which was awesome), and numerous other things other than a typical speech. But I chose to do a traditional, normal speech anyway. School by that point had opened my eyes to important things I hadn’t previously bothered to think about.  I wondered why it seemed like for all the people around me who were better off - or  seemed like they should be smarter, even if they merely had smart phones and I didn’t– they were dumb when I talked to them.


So I decided to make my speech more of a research paper. I looked all over for something to explain why these peoples’ use of technology didn’t make them that smart. Then I found an article by a prominent professor named Sherry Turkle. She’s published articles, books, and has been on TED Talks as well. Initially I found her article concerning how the implementation of computers in our lives has affected thinking and intelligence(How Computers Change the Way We Think)

Turkle’s points within her article suggest several scary ideas. One is that while we obtain loads more information through the use of technology, we do not implement what we learn well if at all. She uses the example of a boy in school playing a simulation game that reflects evolution. When asked what an “orgot” is, he effectively says it does not matter because he believes knowing does not affect his gameplay. With that in mind, there are several examples of this sort of attitude prevalent all over. People now tend to think because they know something about a subject that they know everything, and if they believe some aspect doesn’t fit into their workings, it really doesn’t matter.


Her section on presentations versus the average use of Powerpoint says that our use of technology has rendered us supposedly incapable of developing big, detailed ideas, and the sentiment of explaining virtually anything had nearly been done away with.  If the skimpy use of PowerPoint presentations isn’t bad, the tl;dr use across the internet when  a forum post is “too long” is worse. I’ve also found in trying to be a part of pretty much any forum that the more defined of an idea you have, the more negative responses you receive.


I’m not saying technology is bad; it’s how we decide to handle it. There are competent users who are efficient with materials given, and there are stupid users(and mostly hilarious trolls). For example – I’m on Pinterest. Its intent from the start was to be a springboard and reference site, where one can gather useful ideas and go to find solutions. Instead, it felts like 90% of what I see other users doing is constructing elaborate dream sections of what they want their billionaire home to be, how they will have the perfect wedding, and so on. Kudos to the people like me who use the site for real-life stuff (like cleaning dog pee off a mattress or constructing a solar lantern for camping) and the entrepreneurs who earn money off the idiots, but it’s ridiculous how few people really use this site to its fullest.


With technology as a whole, I could only imagine how much it would help the world if we always used it well. It’s scary that so many people don’t recognize its power and try to harness it, instead letting the different, simplified way of thinking take control. It’s also very evident to me since I started taking a high interest in politics that it’s soaked into every aspect of society like a parasite delves into its host’s intestines.  Although my parents lived in a time where all of mankind’s knowledge was not at their fingertips, they also lived in a time where genuine thought was commonly valued instead of demoralized thanks to rampant use of technology.

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I’m very disappointed to say that after years of resistance and luck, I have finally become sick on one of the worst days ever – Halloween. Normally, I don’t care to post such stuff, but it’s entertaining. If I am to get sick in a year, it’s a given that it will be dangerously close to Halloween. I honestly don’t know of anyone else whose body clock says “hey, Halloween is a day away. Let’s get this body sick!!1”


But it finally happened this year. I was awesome enough despite illness to attend a party with my husband and win awesome prizes the day before Halloween(with a smoker’s voice lol), but for six days total I slept for eighteen hours each, wasting Halloween in my whacko dreamland. It was so depressing that I didn’t get to frolic!


Worst. Halloween. Ever. How was yours? (Hint: better than mine!)


With coming back, I’ve been taking time to catch up. I’ve also been looking at my profile, and I’ve been a bit annoyed at it since my return. The problem? My work on dA is no longer up-to-date on my skills. It’s not a horrible thing; it shows how I have grown, the people I’ve met along the way, and the mistakes that helped me learn.


That being said, I’m reorganizing everything. Making new folders, deleting the really bad/useless junk, and most likely doing reworks of some art and literature pieces. My page is still a portfolio of sorts, not to mention I’m OCD now that I’ve learned more. If I can’t fully enjoy what I am looking at, who’s to say someone else would enjoy anything in it either?


Who knows how long this will take, but I’m doing it. While being very lazy busy. But seriously, aside from NaNoWriMo, I have very little to do while I wait for school to start up. I do get to start looking for work after Monday, though. :eager:


The one good part about the past week was that I felt healthy enough to see Ender’s Game on Saturday. So very awesome, compared to what I thought was going to be a fail knowing Hollywood. The thing about the book is that it’s all about the main character’s thoughts and actions, not really what goes on around him, or how awesome or strong or smart he is. If the story was any different, (1) it would be every other boring alien invasion movie, and (2) I would never had made it past chapter three because I don’t like science fiction very much. Unless it’s all a dystopia. Dystopias are fun!


 I won’t give away spoilers, but the entire point of Ender’s Game is perspective, namely learning the views of others. And the movie showed that pretty well despite cutting some incredible scenes(I thought every scene was incredible though…). Granted, I didn’t cry for hours or puke at the movie’s climax, but it wasn’t some lame attempt for money merely attached to a big name.


I finally see why people so often say “see the movie first, then read the book”. While I think it still gives away the plot twists and events with less impact than in a book, I can see people watching then reading Ender’s Game with more ease than I can a lot of series.


Also, the Uglies series everyone raves about is awful. I don’t know why I wasted valuable time in my year absence reading that trash. I do need new book recommendations though, so please fling suggestions my way! :la:

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Otherwise Known as a Journal of Complete and Utter Derpness to Accompany My Return

So, about my non-existence on here for the past year. I'm truly sorry for any problems, I have missed everyone, and I feel really lame about it all. I've actually worried about dA for a while, even though for a good portion of my leave I really hadn't time to even log on. Still, I really should have at least dropped a "hey, just pretend I'm dead for a while but don't panic" note or something. I get concerned when friends have done that, and I certainly didn't intend to ever do it to anyone myself.


And so because of that I began feeling awkward, and it just grew and grew as time went on, and things got crazier. See, the thing is that I feel out-of-place if I am late to stuff. So out-of-place that if I know I'll be late, I don't even bother. I think that accounts for my absence of the past few months and lack of notice for all of you awesome friends here on dA. However, I only feel partially bad for my disappearance because so much awesome stuff happened while I was away(for the most part):


First I rage-quit on the summer math course I took(ten hours of studying one chapter and never getting the answer is pointless), then my incredible boyfriend of three years proposed to me, so for the next nine months I was being a crazy-non-bridezilla-bride to make an awesome wedding happen. Next I got an awesome, tiring job with an event company, making me have three jobs at the same time(alongside nannying and doing logos/advertisement design work) and school. Then I finally got my Associates after fighting math for far too long, and my braces came off soon after. Next I finally got married and had the best, most real-life-friend-filled wedding ever despite it not being mega fancy.


In other words, very little time to myself, and lots of chaos up til June.


And now, my husband and I are waiting for our new lives to start. We moved off to another state for school. Not many people we already knew, but everything is promising. I already have made a few friends, and there's a writer's group, too. I'm close to one of my bestest friends, and they finally gave me the insight into how to use my tablet like a smart person, which only took two years. :lol: The weather here is nothing like California, but I jumped in a pile of leaves for the first time ever today. I'm envious of any of you who had this experience as children!


The best part about all these crazy changes is what's ahead for me; I only have art –and hopefully English classes– to attend from now on. I can finally learn loads of skills and techniques and put all my effort into my passions, and I've already made good profit from them. It's an incredible relief that I finally get to be taught, because teaching yourself anything is hard, and that's how I have all the knowledge I possess about graphic design so far.


All that being said… I still cannot draw anything with a breath of life. :dead:


BUT! I will have a Figure Drawing class soon, aka a how-to-draw-people-class. I'm hoping it will give me that extra realization and glimpse into what I do so wrong all the time; I'd be doing portraits all the time already if I could.


And all of that sums up my life pretty well in the past year. I've been very regretful about my dropping off the radar, but I hope nobody wants to mangle me too much for it. There's justification on both ends, after all. Anyway, I'm glad to be back amongst fellow artists. :)


Also, I not only didn't want to go through everything of the past year, but I somehow have zero messages whatsoever in my inbox. Is this some new protocol for inactive users, or just a creepy glitch? Nevertheless, I'll be visiting pages and doing what I can to catch up. As always, send me a note if there's something you really want me to look at, or talk about. I'm still the same Boom, just a bit smarter then before.


How's life been on your sides?
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Trying to Overwork Myself!

Journal Entry: Thu May 31, 2012, 7:41 PM
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I'm so sorry for being quiet. It's been busy since finals ended, even excluding parties and activities. I talked to my counselor on the day of my last final and I only have three classes till I can start applying to my dream school in the Fall. I'm über excited for that. It also means I can have a full-time job again instead of all the odd jobs, so I've been spending a lot of time doing job applications and interviews as well.

Here's a few stories to make you all feel like I haven't abandoned anyone:

A week before my finals, I had a biopsy on a mark on my skin. I was overreacting, but the experience was interesting. The doctor used a cookie cutter-like razor and rotated around the area(I was numb). I saw the small piece of skin in a saline solution after I was stitched up and bandaged. It'd been like five millimeters round on my skin, but inside the plastic jar it looked to be barely bigger than the tip of a headphone jack. It never occurred to me until then how elastic our skin really is.

On Memorial Day, my church had a pool party. Since our congregation is all college-age, there was a lot of running around. I ended up playing water volleyball for three hours. It was fun, but the best part was when it turned into a water polo game for fifteen minutes. I ended up going against my friend who works at a naval base and getting loads of bruises from it. Funny how you don't feel the pain till some hours later; when I changed into pajamas I discovered an array of differently colored bruises all over my limbs and sides. I'm just wishing the bruise on my hip would heal faster…

Annnnd, at the last minute, I'm deciding to join Camp NaNoWriMo. I can't guarantee that I'll win like last November, though; I'm also trying to commit suicide by taking two classes in the summer semester, as well as getting a full-time job. Yep – I'm crazy. I'll be crazy awesome if I succeed in all of these. :lmao:

That being said, no discussion this time. Instead, I got tagged…

Die Fragen von böse

Yeah… I come back and get attacked by two of you with tags!! Then I saw that BeaBae also had the tags, and I figured I might as well do hers, too. :lol: But, I lasted longer than I did last year with avoiding this one; last year I got hit in February. =)

The Rules

1. You must post the rules.
2. Each person must post 5 things about themselves in their journal
3. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and create eleven new questions for the people you tag to answer.
4. You have to choose 11 people to tag and post their icons on your journal.
5. Go to their page and tell them you have tagged them.
6. No tag backs. I'm against this rule. Feel free to tag me back. I'll just add the answers to this journal!
7. No stuff in the tagging section about "you're tagged if you're reading this". You legitimately have to tag 11 people.

Five Things About Me

1. Curry is the only true meal I can cook without looking at measurements, or without bungling.
2. For being in art, I do not watch many movies or television or listen to much music.
3. Even though I hate the cold, I wish my city had a hockey rink so I could play hockey more often.
4. I'm a picky eater
5. I'm a red-yellow according to The Color Code


1. What's the worst lie you ever told? Did you get caught? Me making excuses to not hang out with this one chick I've mentioned I don't get along with… I'm glad she moved away before she figured it out. Though I wish she'd grow out of harassing me. =(

2. What was your first date like? Awkward  – dude puked all over everything before our dinner came. :facepalm:

3. If you could know the answer to any question, besides "What is the meaning of life?", what would it be? I'd like to know every detail of quantum science perfectly.

4. What made you laugh the hardest in your entire life? I don't think there's one answer for that… it pretty much comes down to any instance with friends or my boyfriend and we do something ridiculous.

5. If you could throw any kind of party, what would it be like and what would it be for? A gigantic dance/nerd party every Friday, to celebrate my awesomeness and my awesome friends! (Sure, we party enough as it is, but who cares?)

6. What was the last movie, TV show or book that made you cry or tear up? Ender's Shadow. I freaking swear, all three books around Ender I've read so far make me cry out of awesome. It's so uncommon for me to cry, too.

7. If you were a waiter and a customer was being rude, would you spit in their food? As a banquet waiter, I usually don't have problems, but there's been a few instances where a customer's got in my face without reason or groped me. The best part is knowing their food has an extra surprise.

8. If you could choose anyone, who would you pick as your mentor? I'd say Christ. He's the perfect example for life, so I can't go wrong!

9. What do you miss most about being a kid? Playing all day after school. I got so many scars and bruises from chasing my friends on skateboards and roller blades.

10. What would you name the autobiography of your life? To Awesome, or Not to Awesome? I'm not the best at titles.


11.Favorite show? Invader Zim or M*A*S*H*, I guess.

12. Current obsession? I've recently been rereading my volumes of Shaman King, my favorite manga ever now that it's been finished correctly. If only the final volumes were in English already…

13. Who on DA would you recommend your followers to watch? Any of my friends, really. I'd say the really cool artists who always get front page, but they aren't usually into being friends as much as being popular.

14. Do you have a Tumblr? What is it? Nope. Tumblr and Twitter are devil spawn to me.

15. Favorite book? Les Miserables and Ender's Game. Two awesome and universal stories that really expand your world.

16. What fictional character do you relate to the most? I have no idea. People are just so multi-layered that I don't think one character would suffice. Of course, I love Harry Potter, Marius, and Ender, but I don't think those three reflect everything about me.

17. What is your guilty pleasure? I don't have one. I prefer to have a clear conscience.

18. Marvel or DC? X-MEN!!

19. What are your goals? Bachelor's degree, careers, publish my series, go to Europe. I'll accomplish them no matter how difficult it will be.

20. What is your favorite OTP? Whatever the creator has in the story. If two characters were meant to be together, they're together in canon. Shipping is crap.

21. Where do you live? On a beach! You jelly? :giggle:


22. Name at least one thing about animals that you find disgusting. It's not nasty, but I think it's tragic that animals are not able to do as many things as we can.

23. Tell us about an idea you had that never pulled through/hasn't yet gotten off the ground.  Saving it for later, but I've got an idea for a mental takeover through masks, and an art project having to do with my biopsy.

24. Favorite scene from a book/movie: Voldemort inadvertently killing himself; my childhood book series finally got its conclusion!

25. What made you first start your art/craft/lit/etc? My dad and my imagination.

26. Link me to a song that'll get stuck in my head indefinitely! So many to choose from. There's this amazing villain song . And for good measure, my favorite Julian Smith song(in true 80's spirit): Eat Randy . But I have plenty more to choose from… I live off songs in the "Earworm" section of TvTropes. =D

27. The world takes things too seriously lately. Tell a joke!
Knock, knock.
Who's there?
You know.
You know who-
Avada Kedavra! :mwahaha:

28. Describe one of your favorite dreams. If you don't have a favorite dream, describe one of the strangest/scariest ones you've had.  One of my scariest was four years ago and really vivid. A bunch of undead wanted to kill me. My mom had put salt over and around every entrance to the house, and this monkey skeleton was the only thing that could enter. He ripped my face off… =(

29. Do you know the way to Solla Sollew? Yes, but I had quite the trouble getting there…

30. Write me a piece of poetry. A piece of BAD poetry. Right now. Gimme. Gimme right now.
This poem is crap
It's what I lack:
telling a good tale
To set hearts A-sail.

31. Remember how I said the world takes itself too seriously about four questions ago? Well, let's pretend we're too tired to save the world right now. Make a new one, tell me all about it! In My World… But really. I'd totally go for a fantasy-based world so I could have my own adventures. :la:

My Questions:
1. Should elementary kids have smart phones?
2. Which is better in a book: a great story, or a great message? (We all know both of them together is the best)
3. Do you like creepy pastas?
4. What food have you never tried, but really want to?
5. If you hear that something is scary or weird, do you believe what's said, or do you research?
6. Do you have a favorite belt?
7. Give me a saying you'd find in a fortune cookie.
8. Pretend I(a-fiery-boom) have finally become ruler of the planet. What would I be doing as leader?
9. Do you tend to join bandwagons a lot?
10. What was your most embarrassing moment in high school?
11. Do you like scarves?

And… I'm tagging… anyone who wants to do it! Tell me if you answer my questions! :la:

Awesome Groups
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Thirty Day Music Challenge

Day 29 - a song from your childhood: Macarena

Okay, so this isn't the real version I had as a kid, but it's pretty cool aside from not matching up to the Spanish lyrics at all.

Day 28 - a song that makes you feel guilty - Breathe
Day 27 - a song that you wish you could play –   Harder, Better, Stronger, Faster (Neptunes Remix)
Day 26 - a song that you can play on an instrument – Funky Town
Day 25 - a song that makes you laugh – Stuck Like Glue

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Journal Entry: Wed May 2, 2012, 1:28 AM
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Be Awesome and Help Meeee

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 1, 2012, 12:33 PM

I've mentioned a few times about applying for scholarships on here. Curse math for ruining my grade! :shakefist:

Well... yesterday when I got home from work, I found a letter from one of the organizations. I'm fully qualified to win the scholarship, which will give me five grand for fees! :la:

The only catch? The scholarship wants me to spread the word about their work in order for me to win. It's a fair trade, since the sponsor is an organization and they don't want money in return.

If you guys can go to this site and do the survey, I'll win for sure!

I hope it's not too late, since that money will definitely help me out! Thank you in advance, my dear watchers! And if you'd like, I could always have a few more surveys from your friends, too. It's like a petition - the more the merrier! =)

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Midnight Madness

Journal Entry: Sat Mar 24, 2012, 11:15 PM

I've been really busy. It turned out that Spring Break was full of me being sick and working a bit, and finishing school projects. So much for getting a lot done. But, the awesome news is that I have a total of one more class after this semester before I can apply for transfers. Finally! I've just got to cross my fingers that this and summer semester I pass math. =D

In my English Lit class, I also discovered a fantastic writer, and I feel very ashamed for not knowing him before – John Ruskin. The man is a genius. Read and glory in him. He had admirable ideas and intellect. But alas, I am about to have my test on the Victorian Period, and go onto the Moderns... I wish I could just read Victorian prose and essays all semester long.

Not much else going on otherwise… except that Tim Burton doesn't have creativity and is just out to wreck good media now. See, I went to see his Alice in Wonderland, hoping it to be more accurate of the books. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was very accurate, after all. Instead, I got a great sequel that was entirely misleading. He could have at least put a subtitle on, so the audience knew what to expect.

And now, he's wrecking the only soap opera that's ever had any merit to it: Dark Shadows. I watched this and The Twilight Zone all the time till high school, when the two shows disappeared off television. The thing about Dark Shadows was that it was good, it didn't go on too insanely long, and it wasn't your typical soap opera. Sex, lies, and crimes weren't the point. Supernatural, revenge, and finding oneself were what the story was about.

I'm not a diehard fan, since soap operas are admittedly stupid and not played well, but the film looks to be a comedy loosely based on the fact Barnabus got turned into a vampire by Angelique. I really want to wring Burton's neck; would it seriously kill to be original, or not make a film based on something if unable to do it at least half right? :facepalm:

But this leads right in to the journal, which I bet you guys cannot ever guess, given what happened a few nights ago! :la:


Hunger Games time! It was pretty fun. The midnight showing wasn't as big(about half-ish) as the Harry Potter ones, nor as many costumes. It was mostly a few friends and I who were dressed up, everyone else wearing some memorabilia. However, lots of people asked for pictures with us, and I procured a fan club with the group behind us in line. I'm just amazed middle school kids can go to midnight showings; it wasn't till I graduated high school that I could do so without putting my grades at risk.

The movie was really good. In fact, it was very close to the book. It had deviations, and while some things were cut out, the deviations and add-ins were on the whole very good. I'm crossing my fingers that it'll stay this way for the other two films. People really deserve to have such adhering movie adaptions. As I've said before, I prefer miniseries to movies for accuracy, but miniseries just don't generate as much money.

And now, the review of one of the three movies I want to see this year. Obviously, there will be spoilers. I suggest turning back if you don't want to ruin the book/film for yourself.

What made the movie awesome:

:bulletred:The lack of music – a lot of directors seem to be afraid of this. For at least half of the film, there is no background music. As much as I want my own personal theme song, the lack makes everything more tense. And –dare I speak blasphemy– makes the viewer immersion closer.

:bulletorange:The shaky camera – okay, so this is a half-and-half. The shaking wasn't as if it was a hand-held camera thank goodness. But it added to the realistic qualities. Usually I hate shaky cameras in big films, but here it works and at appropriate times.

:bulletyellow:The absence of Hollywood glitz – I prefer indie film quality to Hollywood "make dirty sparkle", especially for this sort of film. The Capitol is glammed up beyond belief, giving a sense of shallowness to it behind the crazy fashions and money. But outside of it? No glimmer. That's how it should be – corruption and death aren't meant to be pretty in the first place. Why hide the truth?

:bulletgreen:Subtlety and foreshadowing  – usually the most foreshadowing we get in a movie of the next film is at the very end, and a character's thoughts are placed directly on a platter instead of being presented in a way we must think it out. I like these things; the foreshadowing doesn't apply, but Inception made great use the whole way along of coming to your own conclusions.

:bulletblue:In The Hunger Games, we get a few discussions between Seneca and President Snow, which gravitate towards the totalitarian government attitude. We also see Haymitch in the bidding zone, watching with what seems to be resentment(to me) of two children unwrapping a toy sword and play-fighting as if part of the Games themselves, smiling the whole time. And after Rue's death, we see the D11 riot mentioned in Catching Fire when it first occurs.

:bulletpurple:I also liked that for non-readers of the series who watched the movie, Caesar and another Capitol reporter spoke as sportscasters to explain a few things during the Games. The use of media tie-ins was wise, and didn't hinder the flow or mood. Once again, it's awesome how anything Capitol was super-showy and contrasted with the more real situations.

What I wanted that wasn't in the movie:

:bulletred:Haymitch before the train – I always laugh when reading about him at the Reaping. It's a shame we didn't get a drunkard yelling at the Capitol cameras and subsequently knocking himself unconscious.

:bulletorange:Katniss and Peeta inside the helicopter, and their talk at the end – both were pretty powerful in the book. Like with Deathly Hallows Part One's absence of the scene with Dudley, I want to know why they wouldn't want to add those.

:bulletyellow:No Madge – she didn't have a big role in the books, but how are they going to present the 2nd Quarter Quell without Maysilee? But at least the Mockingjay pin was free in the movie. I was having doubts with just the trailer, since no one in D12 would honestly buy something frivolous like that.

:bulletorange:The people complaining about the movie are also complaining about the lack of meaning in some areas. But I'm cutting slack for those areas, (most of the meanings aside from the Mockingjay pin's symbolism are fine anyway). The books are first person, so much of the meaning is within Katniss' head. How exactly would everything be translated unless we had constant inner monologue talking throughout the movie? It wouldn't. And having a character's voice telling us what they are thinking is messy outside of books.  As in, thinking that the character is speaking and after you figure out that it's not, having to see the scene again. It's used a lot in anime, and at least for me, causes a bunch of headaches.

I think that the film made good use of Katniss' contemplative expressions, too. From the leaked scenes and trailers, I was afraid at first that she would be similar to Bella in the Twiblight films – stuttering and without emotion. How silly of me to think that, since Katniss is actually developed and can think on her own. :lol:

The worst part of the midnight showing was when I had to go to work three hours after going to bed. :dead:

On my way home after the movie, I had some time to think about what I would say about it. And something struck me I hadn't ever thought of until then: by watching the movie, reading the books, and buying the promotional material, I and my friends were Capitol citizens in a sense.

This made me go back to the Kony issue, and why I was against the Kony 2012 activity. Except, I think promoting The Hunger Games is a good type of consumerism. The series is a message for people to not be blind or remain stagnant with the government, but to rise up to action and do the right thing. And –this might have cheesiness in it– we need that message more than ever. A lot of people wonder why their country is going to pieces, or why bad laws are being forced despite the people obviously detesting them. Sure, politicians and companies have the money to infringe on us, but as shown in the series, a discontent majority can work wonders.

Comments welcome, as always. Stay awesome, everyone! :la:

Awesome Groups and Activities
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I don't know of anything this week. Awareness would be appreciated.

Thirty Day Music Challenge

Day 28 - a song that makes you feel guilty - Breathe

Or the closest thing to it; feeling crazy. ^^;

Day 27 - a song that you wish you could play –   Harder, Better, Stronger, Faster (Neptunes Remix)
Day 26 - a song that you can play on an instrument – Funky Town
Day 25 - a song that makes you laugh – Stuck Like Glue
Day 24 - a song that you want to play at your funeral – Brighter Than the Sun

Thirty Day About Me Challenge

Day 23 - Give pictures of 5 people who are famous who you find attractive.

Geez… I'm not really into celebrities and actors, but here goes(and the images hate me, so I'm not bothering):

Audrey Hepburn. She's classy.

Yoda, a.k.a. Fountain of Knowledge and " 'Midget' is short for 'manliest man in all manlydom' "

Emma Watson, who has brains AND acting ability. She's got loads of money, but continues to go to... Ivy League, I think? Way to live a full life!

J.K. Rowling. Two guesses why. :lol:

That dude from Doctor Who. I'm not planning to start watching it and become obsessed(30+ years of episodes to catch up on? No freaking way!), but his derp faces I see on Facebook are pretty entertaining.

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Heads or Tails

Journal Entry: Sat Mar 24, 2012, 11:15 PM
When I originally came to dA, I came here to share and improve my art, and make friends. But there was also another big reason. See, I've always been interested in psychology and sociology. I gave up the idea of working in the field in middle school -along with becoming a firefighter or paramedic- but that hasn't deterred me from learning more of how minds work.

The last reason was a social experiment of sorts. I'd explored dA for two or three years prior to finally signing on, and after lots of consideration. Unless I'm uninformed, one now must put in a sex as opposed to leaving it blank. I chose the blank. I wanted to see how people would look at me. I had loads of artist friends and very few writer friends when I was first on dA – and about three hundred in total(I miss those days).

With such grand friends to comment and talk to, I began a sort of moodswinging on submissions. An emo poem here, boldly drawn pieces there, and journals on all sorts of topics, whether diabetes-happy or just depressing. No doubt, my skill has changed greatly from when I first changed. I'm ashamed of a lot of my earlier work for dA now. But my social experiment worked, and I was very surprised by the results as I spoke to friends and lurked about. It's amazing how powerful our words and actions are. I did nothing big or impressive, yet others were able to come to some interesting conclusions.

And now, the possible surprise:

I'm female! Tomboy, but definitely an awesome –and supposedly pretty– female!

Now please don't get all hussy and leave before I'm finished. Unfortunately, it's been a while since I first came on, and many of my friends have died off on dA. I'm not so sure how well my little experiment has done the past year, when I got lazy about keeping it up. But here's the general results from before I slacked:

Female writers often thought I was female
Female artists couldn't make up their mind, but usually edged more on male
Male writers thought I was female
Male artists thought I was male

What's interesting is that writers were generally right. Being half-writer, half-artist, I'm going to say that's because as writers we must get into a character's head and make them realistic, regardless of what sex they are. In a sense, everyone on an internet site is a character. We write journals about our lives and how we think, so after a while, writers can probably get a sense of the "character" in question.

I'm not going to applaud any of you, but I'm quite impressed by my dear writing friends on a whole here. It was fun seeing you guys come to conclusions. I've especially loved some public discussions between pairs of you. :giggle:

But despite that little reveal, I'm not really very different than I've ever been on here. Sure, I've got to protect my safety as well as that of my friends', but that's a given. I assure you that despite my negligence in making sure everyone knows my gender, I'm the same. No internet personas here! And yes, I really use "awesome" and "dude" in real life. Oh hyperboles, how I love thee and thy art. =)

I prefer to keep the title of unknown as my gender for security, but now at least my active watchers know. I really hope none of you feel used or disrespected. I would never want that for my friends. I can understand somewhat if you do, but consider this – no one ever specifically asked about my gender(though one of my oldest watchers has asked if I was a drag queen. Good times!). I was actually surprised by that, since I thought someone would surely ask at some point.

So as a close to this, I want you guys all to be aware of how powerful technology has become. We all have probably seen the deviants who make huge dArama and lie about everything. One girl a few months ago supposedly had cancer, depression, schizophrenia, and committed suicide in front of her cousin, who made an account that same day. Or the online stores who have elaborate websites set up, just to commit identity theft. And somehow, many people believe these things completely. :facepalm: Technology has given us a way to start a new life, and with very little consequences to our true selves. What I have done is hardly bad, but there are many who take advantage. If you're not wary, you can easily fall into an electronic trap these days.

At the rate our world is going, a dystopia like 1984, Fahrenheit, Brave New World, or Anthem seems on the rise. I also have a strong belief that in the future, electronics and internet will fail us at some point. It seems the perfect setup for destruction or takeover. And when that happens, will we be able to accept our real selves and step outside the internet shell – or will we break down because of a morphine-like dependence on what technology has given?

Oh, and Aednuii-Caramni, this skin is for you. Hope you love it. :mwahaha:

Skin by: :iconproxyism:

Do not by any circumstances take off these credits.
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To Make a Difference

Journal Entry: Wed Mar 7, 2012, 10:20 AM
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There are many "civil rights" movements going on, and most of them that I'm aware of are not so much civil rights as people being selfish, illiterate, and/or irresponsible. Hence why I don't bother to talk on them. However, after a long day of attending classes last night, I was greeted by loads of posters on many of my regular sites. Red, and looking like part of the U.S.'s election campaigns.

The scary thing is, the issue I'm talking about is more or less as old as me, and I hadn't heard about it till now. Joseph Kony and his children army, the L.R.A.

I'm assuming most of you reading this live in a country where Locke's ideas on natural rights are supported. It's this reason alone that makes Joseph Kony scum of the earth, that along with human traffickers and other detestable ringleaders, he wishes to entirely control the fates of others. Not  as parents or leaders do, where we are prevented from doing stupid or dangerous things. Leaders of children armies keep their crowds stuck in a corner without anywhere to run.

Here's the   video . Watch it if you haven't yet. It's good and informative.

But wait- if you've seen the video, don't go crazy yet. Let me finish, and give yourself the opportunity to think about Kony on your own terms.

Kony kidnaps children, often murders parents or has the child do it(thus making the child an orphan and having no place to go), and uses his army of unfortunate children –which have done no wrong, even– for his own means. The video doesn't go into detail about his aims, but I researched it to make sure I was getting the whole picture. Kony wishes to make a theocracy based on the Ten Commandments. I'm not quite sure, since he was Christian at some point, why he wouldn't also want to adhere to Christ's teachings, but his goal is ironic. He somehow justifies the bloodshed, rape, and pure cruelty when the very goal he wants deplores such things. Plus, a theocracy is impossible anywhere on the Earth, at least not until people change.

All in all, Joseph Kony is a bonafide fanatic. He's obviously a smart one, walking in the footsteps of Hitler and others. While having the power to persuade and be over others is great, there's two sides to it. We can have a leader who may as well be a saint, or a leader who might've been born in the deepest trenches of evil. As always with this type, we're getting the latter.

All of this being said, I'm not too fond of the "Kony 2012" campaign. This fresh post explains why. While the same organization that made the movie is great, and that there really aren't any other solutions, franchising isn't the point. The point is to bring Kony out of the obscure darkness, and have him put to justice. We can do that through the kits Invisible Children has, through telling others about Kony, and –what I think is most effective– by calling, emailing, and writing our government leaders.

TMCanada also shared with me another helpful article , pointing us towards more helpful organizations against Kony. I'd encourage you to read the entire article, but at least check out the last four paragraphs for better places to pool your donation money. =D

As I've already mentioned, Kony's activities are not the only activities invading the most basic of rights. Even first world countries have trafficking going on, and you've got to be blind not to see it. But, we might as well work now to bring this man out in the open since there's a lot of publicity worldwide over it.

Remember how just a few months ago everyone was going nuts over S.O.P.A. and A.C.T.A.? These are the sorts of things you don't stop telling people about. If you stop telling people, everyone involved loses. A politician noticing doesn't mean anything; if they don't sign something to fix the problem, we are not to stop letting this issue be known. We may not be able to crack down on each drug cartel, each human trafficker, each child army, and each genocide, but we can certainly bring awareness and stop this fanatic ringleader.

I've often told many of you that a sad story doesn't have to be a bad story; it just needs to be handled well. My favorite type of sad ending is one where the protagonist lives on despite death being the better option. Suicide is almost always the coward's death, after all. But the lives of the L.R.A.? Boys and girls, this is a "We Choose the World's Adventure" type of story. Let's make Kony famous, and bring his victims justice.

As always, please share your thoughts. I'd love to see what your opinions are. =) Just remember to be respectful.

:bulletred: :bulletyellow: :bulletorange: :bulletgreen: :bulletblue: :bulletpurple:

Sorry that this journal is way longer than usual. But you guys have probably missed me anyway. :lol:

I just finished my midterms and I have Spring Break next week.  That means I'll be catching up on group work and critiquing. And hopefully cut down on my watch pile. I swear, you guys generate so much delicious arts.

The big highlight of my midterms is that I got an A on my math one! That's right, I'm excellent in math right now. I accuse my teacher, since he is very sensible and teaches with drawings instead of straight formulas.

I also did well on my biology one, thanks to having my biology-major friend study with me. I can tell you guys the photosynthesis cycle backward and forward now. =) And my English professor is doing some prose for the Victorian(aka best) era! She said I could also do assignments on actual novels, so I'll be having fun during the break. :dummy:

Aside from that, there's not much. Expect the best journal ever in about three weeks, though. Well, it won't be the best per se, but I think it'll be interesting to read about. :la:

Anyway, have a most excellent week! You guys make dA amazing. =D

Groups and Activities

:iconbuildmeauniverse: :iconfocusonlit: :iconanthropology-of-self: :iconfantastical-elements: :icontenderpassion: :iconwordsmithing: :iconthe-writers-review:

thorns and I am looking for a volunteer to work with us as a motivator at FocusOnLit We've got some applications already, but feel free to try out as well.
Benefits include being with two awesome deviants, flogging inknalcohol and otherwise harassing him, and learning awesome teamwork.…

WordSmithing has a prompt ending on March 11th: Crossing borders

TenderPassion also has a prompt, the deadline being March 15th: Dinner and a movie

inknalcohol is being a great help, and is seeking to revive dead groups! If you've got a group that could do with some bringing back to life, go give him a suggestion. Kudos to his bravery! :clap: He's currently working at Mythologue.

And as usual, thorns is busy with chats! Hit up her page for more info on it!

Thirty Day About Me Challenge

Day 22 - How have you changed in the past 2 years?

A lot's changed. Ever since I got out of high school and into the real world, I seem to change and learn tons every year. I really feel ashamed of who I was in high school now. But in the past two years, I've learned a lot about more scholarly subjects, and more importantly, just how important love is. *cue icky gushy music*

And I'm more mature, of course. I may not like acting like it all the time, and I'm still impossibly energetic, but I'm so much wiser now. It's amazing what even a single year does.

Thirty Day Music Challenge

Day 27 - a song that you wish you could play – Harder, Better, Stronger, Faster (Neptunes Remix)

It's my favorite Daft Punk remix version. Awesome added vocals, too.

Day 26 - a song that you can play on an instrument – Funky Town
Day 25 - a song that makes you laugh – Stuck Like Glue
Day 24 - a song that you want to play at your funeral – Brighter Than the Sun
Day 23 - a song that you want to play at your wedding – Once in a Lifetime

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Assumptions Aren't Golden

Journal Entry: Fri Feb 3, 2012, 4:23 PM

Hello everyone!

I'm getting quite tired of my English class, which I didn't think was possible. My professor is smart and insightful, but she only wants us to read poems for assignments. I don't want to come off as snobby, but I really don't enjoy poems that much. It's hard for me to be enthusiastic right now.

But my math class this semester is still good! My professor uses visuals rather than letters to demonstrate problems, and it helps a lot. Here's an example:   . I think I might get a B in his class! =)

Oh, and my science classes… one word – biology is more chemistry and less fun than I thought it would be. Luckily my lab partner is just taking this for fun, and he's very good at science. And a Brony, too! :la:

My Hunger Games work is getting closer to its end as well. I even recruited a few people to read at least the first book. Now to run to the theatre when the tickets come in… That's about the best of my news.

I'm currently backlogged with lots of things to critique, so please don't panic. I most likely haven't forgotten you. If you want to check or have me specifically read something, all of my to-do's are   here.

Discussion and Feature Time

I think I've made it clear before how picky I can be, especially when it comes to reading. I don't like thrillers, crime mysteries, most sci-fi, and definitely nonfiction. But, I have a deep hatred for two genres in particular: romance and anthromorphic.  When I say this, I mean that not only do I avoid the genres as much as possible, but I have this weird fear, almost as though they would eat me up. However, the past six months have given me a change for the better concerning this:

:iconw-lupus: or Aednuii-Caramni

One day a few months ago, I had been snatching up FocusOnLit pieces to read in the future. I happened to add W-Lupus's Storm Hunter Blurb  and Chapter One. I read the blurb, then got rather scared; I hadn't thought about what would happen if the blurb was something I didn't like, and I didn't like taking back favorites! And this was certainly something I hated – animal-like beings that could talk as main characters! :nuu:

After a few months of nervously passing Storm Hunter whenever I peeped into my folder, I decided to just go for it. I reasoned that I would have to at least read the first chapters of many such books. So I did. And I was pleasantly surprised. The character depth, description, and plot was more than I ever expected, and the "anthro-ness" I expected didn't exist in many forms.



inknalcohol -or King Grim Face- is also guilty of making my perspective change on this. See, he's extremely romantic. I'll bet he could beat any girl at knowing all about romance or chick flicks, and that with his hands tied!
Grim's desensitized me rather effectively to romance. I'm not sure how, but kings do have magic powers.

His style of romantic stories is good. It's not rainbows and cupcakes. It's a realistic style, where I can actually believe his stories could happen. And as a friend and senior mod for him, I can honestly say I wish all romance worked like his. Then I wouldn't be quite as against the genre.

:thumb177454346: :thumb210963457:  :thumb210057999:


And then, there's thorns . Beautiful, busy, and a lot of fun to pester. Or to assist in harassing Grim.

Before going further, I need to add that we need to make a petition for her to stop posting all of her good work in scraps. It's part of her disorder, perfectionitis. :lol:

I'd read a few stories of hers before. It wasn't until I read Minotaur Blurb appeared in my inbox that I ever had a problem with her submissions. Repeat the same situation I had with W-Lupus, but add in my romance problem too: Varan(minotaur) falls in love with a woman?! Romance, and between a human and a hybrid species?!

As with before, I was hesitant. But then I got sucked in. The delicious morsels of Varan's thoughts and suffering, and descriptions of his wounds made it all better. In fact, it made romance seem not quite so bad. And Varan's sentient, too.

Minotaur 1.1Death's acrid stench clung to the air around Varan. The sickly rot of infection bubbled up, oozing from his shoulder. There was nothing he could do chained to the stone wall with a guard at the door. Arrow splinters trapped in his flesh were killing him slowly.
His death should have been swift on the battlefield, but instead he was ambushed while he bathed. He'd cut down seven men before the poisoned arrow made him too weak to lift his ax. The poison wasn't lethal, unfortunately. Its purpose was to render him unconscious for interrogation.
His sire, the famous Conqueror of Brundan, must be laughing from the afterlife. Even shame failed to give Varan the strength to rise or curse his luck aloud.
Infection ravaged his mind and body. Time blurred and he no longer knew how long he'd been held prisoner. He was a minotaur. A Bullman. He was stronger than any human could hope to become, but the illness made his limbs too heavy to lift rendering the chains moot. He was the Joranaham Chieftain
Adopt-a-Writer:  Like a puppy by thorns Monday Ch 1, part 1The gray sky remained on the brink of either a sunrise or sunset never coming to fruition. Purgatory was real, and Vincent was really dead. If the hole through his chest wasn't bleeding all over his white dress shirt, he'd think this was an elaborate prank. He had denied it for all of five minutes, but that bleeding hole was hard to refute.
Vincent stared as wide eyed as a kid seeing a half naked woman for the first time. The old world buildings [description] looked like a movie set and he felt the urge to search for hidden cameras.
"Hurry along, son." The elderly man was dressed from a period piece complete with an absurd gray whig and buckled shoes that clicked on the cobblestone road. He waddled, listing to the right on his ornate cane, as he checked his pocket watch for the third time.
"How did I get here?" The last thing Vincent recalled was bleeding out in a parking lot on the bad side of town. Then he woke on a cot with the old man shaking his shoulder.
"Same way we all get her


With these awesome pieces, I was able to look past my assumptions. There are naturally books I never wish to read out of moral standing, but I'm very grateful for these three writers. It's always nice to have a bad idea knocked out of one's brain! :clap:

Tell me your opinions and prejudices when it comes to books and media! I know I'm not the only one who doesn't like everything! =D

Have a spectacular weekend, and remember to be awesome!!

Awesome Groups and Activities

:iconbuildmeauniverse: :iconfocusonlit: :iconthe-writers-review: :iconfantastical-elements:

Warning – huuuuuuuuuuuuuge amount of activities this time around.


Well, it should just say Thorny's Activities, but anywho. :lmao:

I don't usually list events outside of my friends', but   The Great Valentine Exchange looks to be pretty bomb. I'm probably going to make a few designs if I get the time. And I expect LOTS of valentine cards from all of you! =D

thorns' Chat Tour will be at MidtownMagic this Saturday, at 3 p.m. EST. Be sure to come for prizes, writing, and FUN!

thorns is hosting a Complaint Challenge , the second phase ending on January 31st. Phase two consists of taking a complaint from the first round, and actively working on that complaint. All may join!

thorns is also launching something called Operation TYP . It's apparently a time-sensitive contest, with twenty-four hours to do whatever the challenge is. She'll be revealing the challenge at midnight on February 4th EST.


FocusOnLit's second part of the Double Post Challenge is up! Grim is getting us pumped back up to what our submission habits should be. Members, be sure to get your new chapters submitted by February 10th! You'll be needing that exercise to help out with something coming up. :giggle:

WordSmithing was opened by W-Lupus  this week, too. It looks to be a promising group, as he is working to make it unlike the massive dump piles of groups we see all over these days.

Anthropology-of-Self is Halatia's new group! This group looks like great fun, giving you chances to improve your skills and reflect on yourself at the same time. Its first challenge is to rewrite the first story you ever wrote! The challenge has a three-thousand word limit, and ends at midnight on February 26th.

TenderPassion is a new group inknalcohol is launching on Valentine's Day! I'm not a fan of romance(as you all know), but if King Grim is running it, it's sure to be interesting!

Thirty Day Music Challenge

Day 26 - a song that you can play on an instrument – Funky Town

As in, I can plunk it out semi-well on a piano. :XD:

Day 25 - a song that makes you laugh – Stuck Like Glue
Day 24 - a song that you want to play at your funeral – Brighter Than the Sun
Day 23 - a song that you want to play at your wedding – Once in a Lifetime
Day 22 - a song that you listen to when you're sad – Into Yesterday

Thirty Day About Me Challenge

Day 21 - One of your favorite shows

Friendship is Magic or Jumong.

Ponies are now amazing. It's nice to see a show for kids that isn't full of boring filler conversations. And character depth in such a show? 20% cooler than the rest! =D And about Jumong… yes, I do like Korean dramas. Especially historic ones. Merlin is pretty cool as well.

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Before we start, I have to show you guys this:

Kaddy, by Pilcrow9 by a-fiery-boom

Pilcrow9 made this for me!… one of my oldest (and most awesome) friends on dA. This guy - Kaddy - is a character from a story I began but muddled very early. And then my writing skills improved. Heck, they seem get better constantly.

I keep wanting to go back to it, but Faltering Stairs is just more productive because it aligns with my manuscript. Someday...

Anyways. Break went well. My classes start up on Tuesday, and while I didn't get everything done, I made a good dent:

    :bulletwhite:I'm up to Chapter Twenty of Faltering Stairs, and got five chapters of the manuscript written. Unfortunately, it all needs to be typed. :bulletred:I cleaned my room and got things running smoother for the Hunger Games movie. :bulletorange:I'm about done with the tutorial things I want to post, aside from tweaking and being self-conscious about if I sound dumb in them. :XD: :bulletyellow:Ponies. But no Slender Man-related things all break. =( :bulletgreen:Everyone loved their painstakingly-made Christmas presents. And Fella. :bulletblue:Who needs sleep anyway? :bulletpurple:Caught up pretty well with group stuff.

My surprise seems like it will definitely happen. And about time; I've been considering it for a few years. Now it's just a matter of time and tact.

Book Review of Non- Awesomeness

I tried reading about five books recommended. I only made it through one I found while cleaning out my room. So here's a little book review on the one I didn't end up throwing out the door.

Being by Kevin Brooks starts out with an average teen named Robert going in to have an ulcer checked out. You know, the tube-shoved-down-your-throat thing. Fun stuff. Nothing gets too exciting or strange until he wakes and overhears his doctor and others talking about what the camera had shown. Then he gets his stomach sliced open and prodded at, where the doctor finds mechanical pieces inside of him.

At this point, Robert flees from the hospital and goes on the run from one of the spectators, whom I can only describe as similar to a man in black. Robert takes the insane liberty of cutting himself open and watching the camera feed, only to come to no conclusions either. He gets away several times, and after nearly six months of peace, the man in black appears again. Then Robert kills everyone and leaves. The end.

Kids, never, ever do that with your stories. :facepalm:

This was a great book – almost. Robert was intriguing, his girlfriend was absolutely amazing in every scene she was in, and the escapes were pretty well-done, if a bit unbelievable. I enjoyed the entire read-through, up until the last few paragraphs, where I dreadfully realized between spaces that it wouldn't end well.

Then when I read the last sentence, I threw the book across the room and proceeded to yell "porqueeeee?!" while flipping tables.

See, I don't mind not getting answers. We don't always need answers, and sometimes a story works much better without answering some questions. I would personally love to know who exactly set off the bombs at the end of Mockingjay, or the exact way that the piggies and other races develop in Speaker for the Dead, but that's okay. They aren't central points to the story. In fact, not giving an answer makes Mockingjay a little more on edge at the end, since we know what general side launched the bombs in the first place.

The thing is, Being isn't part of a series, and what Robert had inside of him is the reason people would be reading the book in the first place. Not only is it one of the two questions in the book - it's the freaking hook! The closest we get is "you're not human, Robert," from the man in black. Robert would be a submarine transformer with that answer.

So, while the book was greatly enjoyable otherwise. I really can't say I was impressed by the end. As some of my watchers are fantastic writers, I advise you to never, ever think that leading your audience on a goose chase is fun. A Series of Unfortunate Events was the first to do that to me, and it's never become funny or interesting. At least with SoUE, problems were solved. VFD was just a huuuuuge factor. :lol:

What I don't understand is why authors think this sort of thing works. If I ever meet one who does this, I'm going to grill them until I can see a link to good books and a lack of important answers. So in regards to that, are there any "habits" or things authors do in their stories that drives you up a wall? :?

I hope everyone is doing well! Have a great day, and be awesome(like me)!

Awesome Groups and Activities

:iconbuildmeauniverse: :iconfocusonlit: :iconthe-writers-review: :iconfantastical-elements:

thorns is hosting a Complaint Challenge , the second phase ending on January 31st. Phase two consists of taking a complaint from the first round, and actively working on that complaint. All may join!

inknalcohol is holding the second part of his You Be the Judge Contest

Halatia and company are holding the Your Traditions Prose Contest , ending on January 20th.

Feel free to check out any of the groups! We're open to new members!

Thirty Day Music Challenge

Day 25 - a song that makes you laugh – Stuck Like Glue Stuck Like Glue
This is for all my hick watchers out there. One of two good country songs(although not a true country song)… and the video is hilarious!

Day 24 - a song that you want to play at your funeral – Brighter Than the Sun
Day 23 - a song that you want to play at your wedding – Once in a Lifetime
Day 22 - a song that you listen to when you're sad – Into Yesterday
Day 21 - a song that you listen to when you're happy – I'm Alive!

Thirty Day About Me Challenge

Day 20 - How important you think education is.

I'm a full-blown Slytherin – I don't think education could get much more important. The best key to success is through education, since going Walt-Disney-style isn't for everyone. Doesn't mean I wouldn't love to climb to success in such a way, but I don't yet have what would be necessary to do that.

In other news to education, I think it's ridiculous that tuition keeps going up and classes everywhere are being cut when the government wants the younger generations to do well and have good lives. Liars are usual, bloody politicians!

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Thorns and Snowflakes

Fri Dec 16, 2011, 11:45 PM

Before we begin, cheers for thorns becoming a senior member! :iconbwavoplz: Now Thorny can torture Fenris even more! :la:

Wait - =(

Or… meh. I don't even know. Curse being a chaotic neutral!! :nuu:

Anyways… Happy Almost-Christmas! =D

Yesterday, I had my first final. It was great to come home to no work and relax, do chores, and still have the day left by the time I was done. My other finals are on Monday and Tuesday, and then it's officially Christmas Break! =D

I've currently got a B(barely) in my math class, which isn't going to stay because I know my exam will end up a C or D. Goodbye, 4.0. =(

Now that the semester is winding down, I've got a bunch of stuff to do. I always have things to do between breaks, since it's rare I can have time to myself during the semester. The fact I completed NaNoWriMo is astounding.

Here's my checklist. Feel free to bug me if you don't see results. Motivation is good(no cheerleader outfits please, thorns). :lol::

    :bulletred: Catch up on FocusOnLit reading. Being a Senior Mod sure is tough sometimes… :bulletorange: Revamp my room. I usually clean it between the semesters. Unfortunately this summer's unexpected emergency prevented me from the usual, so I've been sleeping in a cluttered room adding to the clutter due to school and work. :bulletyellow: Get up to Chapter Sixteen of Faltering Stairs by the time Spring semester hits. I'm estimating that everything up to Chapter Twenty is roughly equivalent to the first book in my manuscript. One-third of the way done, then. :phew: :bulletgreen: Work on Hunger Games stuff. Ugggggh… :shakefist: Preparations aren't going as well as I like. Maybe it's simply because it's very early compared to when the movie comes out. I hope so. :bulletblue: Get homemade gifts for about… fifteen friends plus my mum. Thanks to everyone who has suggested ideas; it's all helped me a lot! :bulletpurple: Push it and work halfway through my manuscript's third book. Or a quarter. ^^; Progress of any kind is good. :bulletred: Finish up learning CSS and make skins! This tutorial is doing wonders for me so far. I spent yesterday after my final between this and cleaning my room. Almost halfway done. :la: :bulletorange: Practice tablet work. I'm struggling to translate my drawing style from pencil and charcoal to a tablet. I'm glad I have one, but I'm never going to love the tablet like I do the charcoal stick. :bulletyellow: Job-hunt for something more steady(great-paying job $/hr-wise, but not many hours a week). :bulletgreen: Make a charcoal tutorial. Someone wanted me to do this. So I'll finally get around to it. I got an early Christmas present that will make it easier, too – a desk easel!! :eager: That's right, I've been hunching over when doing art at home up til now! :lmao: :bulletblue: Make a run-through of how I come up with stories. Yet another request. I might also write up a short story I've been thinking about for a while, too. :bulletpurple: Catch up on things I owe people on dA. I'm so sorry for my laziness; I haven't forgot. :bulletred: Check out recommended books. Many thanks for the suggestions! :bulletorange: Post an awesome picture of the prize I got from inknalcohol :bulletyellow: Finish, prepare, and post numerous things I've been stockpiling for half a year :bulletgreen: Get a new computer battery. The current one is surviving off the charger alone now. Thanks for getting me through finals, though! :love: :bulletblue: Ponies. Rainbow Dash is still best pony. :bulletpurple: SLEEP! I've missed decent sleep so bloody much this semester! My schedule was awful thanks to having day classes four days a week instead of two! :bulletwhite: Possible surprise for you guys!

Sorry this isn't the typical thought-provoking journal. They will return, I promise. ;)

Was my list long enough? I hope I can get at least half of these done! Feel free to tell me your plans for Christmas Break –and Christmas– too!

Awesome Groups

:iconbuildmeauniverse: :iconfocusonlit: :iconthe-writers-review:

I just became a critic for The-Writers-Review, so I'll get to practice critiquing even more now!

As for FocusOnLit, thorns has a Triple Challenge for members! Hurry – the 18th is the last day to assure you're qualified for the triple challenge prize! :eager:

Feel free to check out any of the groups! We're open to new members!

Thirty Day Music Challenge

Day 24 - a song that you want to play at your funeral – Brighter Than the Sun

Colbie Caillat is amazing, nothing else to say.

Day 23 - a song that you want to play at your wedding – Once in a Lifetime
Day 22 - a song that you listen to when you're sad – Into Yesterday
Day 21 - a song that you listen to when you're happy – I'm Alive!
Day 20 - a song that you listen to when you're angry –   Hello
Day 19 - a song from your favorite album – Chaque Seconde

Thirty Day About Me Challenge
Day 17 - Your views on mainstream music.

I listen to most types of music, but honestly it's hard to enjoy much mainstream anymore. So much of it is shallow or plain sleazy, and I prefer intelligent, beautiful meanings and words to my songs. Adele, Jason Mraz, Sara Barallies, and Colbie Calliat are the only mainstream artists I respect in this way.

Also, I really hate that most mainstream singers start out really awesome, and then because they become rich and popular, they continue, but their music quality declines. I have so many CDs and songs from these artists when they first started out. Aaron Carter, Good Charlotte, My Chemical Romance, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, and Gwen Stefani (her transition from No Doubt to solo) are all so terribly guilty of this. When they just sing for the money and attention, it's easy to see no matter what they say in defense.

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NaNoWriMo Result - Pure Awesome!

Tue Nov 22, 2011, 11:42 PM

Guess who's the most awesome Slytherin around? Me! I completed NaNoWriMo's 50k yesterday morning, a whole nine days ahead. True Slytherin spirit right there. Now that I've finished the beast, I've got some observations:
    :bulletred:It wasn't as hard as I anticipated :bulletorange:Being sick in November was a blessing and a curse for my word count :bulletyellow:I am now 20% cooler more confident of my manuscript. :bulletgreen:Only one more first draft before I start edits and a new draft.

And now I'm brain-dead, with some chapters to whip up before Thanksgiving. :la:

Ugh, Thanksgiving. Love that being grateful is endorsed at this time of the year, hate the turkey and ham and how markets just use it to sell. Just like I think Christ's birth should be celebrated all year, I think we'd also benefit more if we kept the grateful attitude all year, too. That being said, I'm going to be hipster and not gorge you all with what I'm thankful for. I can save that for a time when it is really heartfelt and not bleeding out because of the time of the year.

Besides, Thanksgiving is a break holiday for me between Halloween and Christmas - my two favorites!

I do have one favor, though - things are going well for the moment, but I'd appreciate any prayers for my family right now. We're still on edge about my father's roller-coaster health while testing keeps coming in.

In case you dudes haven't noticed - I decided against the journal thing. You people like me too much(just kidding). I'll work on not trolling too much for you all, 'kay? So, what else have I done in my absence?

    :bulletblue:Finally watched Tangled. Why can't Disney keep all of its CGI movies this high-quality? I'd much rather either have them all this high quality and CGI, or have traditional animation so we can have awesome stories again. :bulletpurple:Found a total of one hundred dollars while cleaning my room. I love the feeling when you discover surprise money! :bulletred:Caught the flu. Running around outside for the week surrounding Halloween probably helped that, as we had an odd day of rain while I was out. I think I don't get sick much, and when I do it's only a few days. Naturally because I was doing something big in November, I had to come down with a stubborn flu. My fever didn't break for two weeks, and I couldn't get out of my driveway without hitting the fence. Mum said since I couldn't dodge an immobile fence, I wouldn't be able to drive through traffic. I still think that fence kept moving on me, though. I named it Humbert for a reason. :bulletorange:Got my classes for next semester. And lost Awesome Points from myself; two internet classes, three science classes, a math class, fifteen units, and it all being in the Spring semester again is a dumb idea. So why am I repeating it? :shakefist: I do however have the second part to my Analysis of English Literature course, so that's one good thing. :bulletyellow:Learned the difference between cross-dressing and drag. Not sure how I feel about that... :bulletgreen:I'm team leader for a group project dealing with web pages. And, I found a potential course to learn CSS with. :la: :bulletblue:Ponies!! :bulletpurple:Saw Hunger Games trailer and began work on  getting a group, plans, and costumes together. Hard though because the normal group has been split up with schooling. Time to recruit newbies!!. :hmm:

And that's it. I'll return to more normal posting soon - but I must warn that it might not be til the semester ends. Still loads of catchup for the one week I couldn't drive. I hate Humbert so much right now. :grump:

Have a wonderful week - and a great Thanksgiving to my fellow Americans! =)

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Journal Time!

Journal Entry: Fri Nov 18, 2011, 11:58 AM
Hey guys! I've missed you all. NaNo has been keeping me busy with its ups and downs, but I'm over halfway done. I got sick about two weeks ago, and it lasted for a week and a half, which is about eight days longer than I usually am sick for. And I've got to whip out three surprise essays never mentioned before for Tuesday. Hooray!

While I was off and on, doing NaNo and keeping up with school, I'd been lurking around dA as well. I haven't missed too much in the news. Unfortunately.

Here we go with the journals as art thing again. You guessed it – I am so pissed at this. You see, journals are like expanded facebook statuses. Some of my most liked statuses are "I accidentally my car" or "I like trains". Art's subjective, but not that subjective. I'd take more pride in my journals if I considered them art instead of me talking directly to watchers and friends.

Due to this, I'm seriously debating if I want to even do journal on here anymore. If I do, I'm only going to troll it up like AssClownFish was with his hilarious poo entries. Because there's no way I can define my rambles and poorly-crafted venting as art. And I can be quite the troll in real life, so I'm not sure if that would be at all enjoyable.

So… give me a reason to keep doing dA journals, or I'm done with them.  As in – boom, my entire collection of them will disappear. I'm trying to figure out what site I would want to post blogs on. I don't really like tumblr, but I am unfamiliar with blog sites as a whole.

It's nothing against you guys, really. It's just that good things shouldn't be "fixed". Anyway, give me some feedback on this and tell me what I missed! I hope all of my fellow NaNo-fighters are doing great! =D

PS - anyone who knows where this awesome skin is from gets awesome points. =)

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My One True Idol and NaNoWriMo

Wed Oct 26, 2011, 4:35 PM


All right. I'm totally alive, dudes. My family just experienced a… near-death emergency. Nothing big. :faint:

To make a long incredibly story short – dad's health is really bad, and after the events that have gone on the past month, I've been put in charge of the house and bills. Fun stuff.  :no:

In other news – I still love Multimedia. The person  who I initially had problems with has dropped the class, meaning no more conversations merely had out of politeness. We finally did a legitimate assignment with logos, and it was awesome! Next week I think we're going to learn about Flash(this week is Photoshop!)! :la:

Faltering Stairs Chapter Ten is slowly being worked on. I don't know how much I'll get done the next month, but I'll work on it!

And – Happy Early Halloween! :eager:

Unashamed Bragging of the Coolest Author Ever

Tuesday last week was the best day ever. The final book in my friend's trilogy came out. IT. WAS. AWESOME.

The series? The Maze Runner Trilogy, by James Dashner. Read it if you can. It's got a great what-is-even-going-on-I-can't-figure-anything-out plot, it's deathly(pun intended) serious, has great humor and characters, and most importantly – the imagery of the disturbing scenes is amazing. Reading the first book where these machine-creatures called Grievers attack was terrifying. But I absolutely loved the thrill.

Dude is a great writer. We met at a writer's convention  a few months before this trilogy started. And later on that day we and our friends spent three hours loudly laughing in a sushi bar. And a lot more. James is actually a big reason I am now so adamant about my own manuscript. He read through a draft I had with me and loved what he saw – and that was the first two chapters of an awful second draft(the current draft – four – is even better).

He's like my idol in writing. I love Stephen King's technical aspects of writing, and J.K. Rowling's attention to detail, but James is the only big-name author I know, and he's amazing. He's so normal, too. He'd just wrote before for fun, and maybe someday he would be published. He is still amazed at the fact he's a national author that people know now. Best role-model ever! I hope that if I do get published well, I can attempt to match up to him. And be just as amazing as him.

Also, a page from the main site on the actual books .


Yes, that part of this journal's title was not an error or me just playing with your head. After being indecisive and saying there's no way I could, I'm going for the gold this year.

Continuing on from above, when I finished the final book in James' trilogy, I realized something. This story will never get anywhere if I don't give it time. Everyone who's seen snippets of it wants it to be published. James pesters me to always keep writing, and honestly, he whipped up Maze Runner in a month. I should at least try to follow in my idol's footsteps.

There's no reason for me not to try NaNoWriMo. I have the second book largely completed, and the first and third books are outlined and planned to the smallest detail. All I need is two months – and a heaping dose of motivation for winning – and it'll be done. Then I can edit all three at once and prepare to send them out. If I were to follow through starting now, I could have the books published as early as 2013.

I'm really scared that I'll fail at this. Failing to me is like having the world explode. But then some friends recently got me into shape. Sometimes, we have to try something even if we fail.

So, with my fingers, toes, and eyes crossed, I'm going in for the kill in approximately five days. Work, church, volunteer services, and fulltime school included.

Give me your tips, NaNoWriMo vets and fast writers! I may obsessively plan my stories, but I can foresee a lack of wanting to complete some chapters or scenes. That's my biggest issue with planned writing.

Being a n00b on the NaNoWriMo site, friend me or whatever… since I don't see any options for that myself! My username is the same as it is here, to keep things simple.

I'm nervous, but I also can't wait to try NaNoWrimo. I'm going to give it my best Slytherin shot, and everyone else should, too! Good luck! :w00t:

Awesome Groups

:iconbuildmeauniverse: :iconfocusonlit: :iconpottermore:

Thirty Day Music Challenge

Day 23 - a song that you want to play at your wedding – Once in a Lifetime

To be honest, I chose this one because a friend recommended it. I'm not terribly romantic, after all. ^^;

Day 22 - a song that you listen to when you're sad – Into Yesterday
Day 21 - a song that you listen to when you're happy – I'm Alive!
Day 20 - a song that you listen to when you're angry –   Hello
Day 19 - a song from your favorite album – Chaque Seconde

Thirty Day About Me Challenge

Day 15 - Your favorite websites.

deviantArt – well, duh! I would probably be a troll if this wasn't one of my favorites, considering that I spend more time on here than I do on FaceBook.

ReasoningwithVampires – this is a tumblr a certain young lady named Dana has set up to expose to the world every single reason Twiblight is a horrible series. I love it because she reads the books line by line, and focuses not only on the technical aspects, but on character, word choice, contextual issues, and more. Since I want to be a literary editor, and since Twiblight is an offense to anyone who reads -much less writes- this site is a constant thrill trip for me.

RecycArt – you might call me weird for liking this, but I like being able to reuse stuff in different ways. It's pretty artsy, too!

Armorgames – these guys have the best games. I've pretty much played their games from the start of their "business". It's amazing to see how they have grown! The site has a diverse selection of games from many different genres, and most of them are pretty unique.

Slendernation – I'm not a member, but I love lurking there. Great conversations and theories!

Equestria Daily – Ponies! Need I say more?

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Devious Journal Entry

Fri Oct 7, 2011, 1:23 PM

I cannot believe I'm saying this, but: I officially love Illustrator now. In Multimedia we have started to go into learning programs, Illustrator being the first. I'm glad, too. I've played with it vaguely in other classes and on my own, but I am finally able to use the pen tool. That alone has opened so many doors for me. Now all I really need to know is how to use brushes on it… I can't even seem to load my brushes I use on PhotoShop into Illustrator.

The rest of my classes are okay. I watched Mr. Smith Goes to Washington for American Government. Very touching and dramatically honest film, despite my bad attention span for old movies. I recommend it to anyone interested in politics. It shows the real intentions of politicians, unfortunate as they are.

Native American History has focused all about the Spanish. I had no idea before this(even with elementary and middle school classes about the missions) just how brutal they were to Native Americans all over North America. Crazy stuff, but I'm rather glad I've never been interested in Spain now.

Got a C on my latest math test. Even though I completely understand graphing, too. I think it was a mixture of test anxiety(exclusive with math classes) and the fact my professor teaches out of a book, which is very different from testing. Good bye, Dean's List. Now seems like a good time to start doing scholarship applications…

In other news – I'm sad that Steve Jobs has died. He had cancer, but he was a great visionary. Hopefully Apple won't go to crap now, or if it does, just the iPhones, iPads, and iPods go down the drain. I will never be able to happily embrace Windows. ^^;

And – I really fail with features. I need to just bunker down and do them for you guys! Why do I have to be so lazy at times?

Faltering Stairs Chapter Nine should be up soon, among other things. I really need to stop being lazy and post some of my latest work up, but life keeps distracting me.

The Hunger Games

I just finished reading The Hunger Games trilogy last night. I initially read the first book a year ago, unable to put it down after the first chapter. Then I forgot about it. Last week, one of my friends mentioned the movie, and I realized I'd forgotten about Catching Fire and Mockingjay. She lended me her copies in return for me lending her my copies of my friend's trilogy(which will be completed before Halloween!!). Once again, I could not put the books down during my free time. And I loved every second.

The Hunger Games is alike in themes to Ender's Game, so there's definite awesomeness there. But, there's more emotion than in Ender's Game for obvious reasons, and I found it very captivating. The very fact it's entirely first person and we get to really know Katniss' thought processes the entire time makes it even better. She's entirely realistic, too.

Spoilers ahead, guys.

The scenes especially in Mockingjay amaze me with how the characters' breakdowns and character changes occur. And the conversation with President Snow in the garden… it was a fantastic breakthrough and shock.

There's some questions I want answered, though. Like the silver parachutes. Or an autobiography of President Snow, to really see inside his head. And a lot more.

But it also made me think about the messages throughout the series. Katniss had been used nearly the entire time, but her taking control at the last minute despite it all seemed golden. And it was a spark of fire for me, too, because she didn't give up when all seemed shattered and vain.

I didn't really like how sweet the ending was, but I was glad Katniss and Peeta ended up together. Gale pissed me off in every book. And I wish there was a secondary series or something, to show the results of the rebellion fifty years or so later. To see if President Plutarch(sounds very weird after) was right about the war.

Spoiler is done

All in all, though, I really recommend it to everyone. It's another great book that actually has meaning and purpose behind it, and I think it's safe to say that there should be more thought-provoking books. Now I'm just praying the movie(s) doesn't strip it of its great value.

Thanks for reading, and have an awesome week! :woohoo:

Awesome Groups

BuildMeAUniverse is still alive – just sorting things out to make it more enjoyable. Awesome, big changes on the way. =)

FocusOnLit has been restructured. Tonight a submission is due, and on Tuesday your critiques are due in! Do your best to participate for member and team features!!

Both BuildMeAUniverse and FocusOnLit are always open for new members!

WrittenImagination is a new group, looking for members, as is PottermoreSlytherins for everyone who's been sorted into Slytherin on Pottermore!

Fenris' Questions!

inknalcohol tagged me. Yay! :dummy:

1. You must post these rules
2. Each person must post 10 things about themselves on their journal.
3. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and create ten new questions for the people you tag to answer.
4. You have to choose 10 people to tag and post their icons on your journal.
5. Go to their pages and tell them you have tagged her/him.
6. No tag backs
7. No crap in the tagging section about "you are tagged if you're reading this." You legitimately have to tag 10 people.

1. Since you're all writers, why do you write the genre you write? I write fantasy because… it just makes sense to me, and I also love the idea that there's much to how the world works other than natural laws and science.

2. Which of your characters was the first one you felt really came alive? You would know him as Rangi, though Kaolos and Alric together come pretty close as well

3. Why? It's taken me some time to figure this out, but Rangi is my muse, I suppose. And he's a lot like me in ways. Stubborn, success-oriented, and with a weird sense of style. Oh, and loads of ego! The closer a character is to my own personality, the quicker they come to life.

4. What made you add me to your DevWatch? Oh, I don't know, Almighty(and awesome) Leader of FocusOnLit. And your prose, though I am always behind on it! :shakefist:

5. If you could live in any fictional world, which would you choose? (doesn't necessarily need to be fantasy) Urghhhhh… How about… the universes of Harry Potter, Ender's Game,, the Hunger Games, the Hogfather, and Marble Hornets combined? That would be dangerous, but undoubtedly a fantastic adventure!

6. Pick any character of mine. Which would you like to meet and why? Jane or Skylar. Neither is whiny or obnoxious, and it amazes me. I seldom can write female characters that are strong and realistic. Females are weird.

7. What keeps you coming back to dA? The creativity and the people(trolls excluded)!

8. If you weren't a writer, would you still be an artist/creative? I'm an artist too. English and Art double-major, dudes!

9. What do you think your medium would be? My favorite medium is charcoal. It's sketchy, dramatic, and best of all - messy!

10. Which of your current projects are you most excited about? Why?   I'm excited about trying to do an abstract charcoal portrait! I have no idea how well I will do, but I need to face my fears of drawing people sometime! I'm also hoping to complete another huge chunk of my manuscript this month!

My Questions for: Pilcrow9 thorns TMCanada Aieles SashaFitzgerald HugQueen EvilDoctorHobbit linaket FeralFinch Suinia:

1. Do I drive you crazy?
2. What is your favorite medium for art(literature and genres included), and why?
3. If you could try to change the world for the better, what would you do, and how?
4. Why are you on dA? And don't give me the cheesy stuff.
5. When you are sad, what helps you become happy again? – drugs and alcohol excluded.
6. Why do you watch me?
7. What is your biggest fear, and how did it develop?
8. What is your favorite way to go to sleep at night?
9. Are you honest with yourself?
10. Do you have a meaningful philosophy on life?

Feel free to do my questions even if I didn't tag you! =D

Thirty Day Music Challenge

Day 22 - a song that you listen to when you're sad – Into Yesterday

And an excellent song to play for a beach day!

Day 21 - a song that you listen to when you're happy – I'm Alive!
Day 20 - a song that you listen to when you're angry –   Hello
Day 19 - a song from your favorite album – Chaque Seconde
Day 18 - a song that you wish you heard on the radio – My Moves Like Jagger

Thirty Day About Me Challenge

Day 14 - Your earliest memory.

Of all time, or normal? I assume normal… that would probably be when I fed birthday cake to my dog as a child. I loved that dog! =D

To explain my question, I wasn't abused or anything; my imagination has just always had a strong hold on me. Except that, my earliest memory ever was incredibly strange. In plain day, I saw a huge hole of darkness in the sky. Not a perfect circle, but an oval with dark tendrils peeking out(I only remember this detail thanks to a drawing I did of it). I tried to get my parents to look at it, but by the time they decided to look out the window, it was gone.

It still bothers me to this day that I don't know what it is.

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Me and My Luck Scale

Fri Sep 30, 2011, 10:58 PM

Hey, look! I finally put a skin on my journal! I'm also slowly learning CSS now!

Sorry that my journal has been off and on the past few weeks… life has been getting in the way combined with school. I've actually been considering lately getting into a political science club or a student congress – if it can fit into my schedule, of course.

The past two weeks went by really well. I actually got a new job to add to my repertoire of talents, and it should be bringing in substantial money. Yay for steady income!! :w00t:

I also happened to get an A on my latest math test – hasn't happened since I was in middle school! :iconlawooplz:

And, being a Brony, the entirety of the Season Two premiere was amazing! Spike makes an awful Rainbow Dash though. He was twenty percent worse, at least. :lmao:

Awesome Discussion

I'll be honest – this is a bit of a downer discussion. But I really need to vent.

So the issue I've been dealing with since late June was finally over two Mondays ago, which made everything a lot easier. And then – BAM! Tuesday, I get a brand new issue to deal with that is downright saddening. Unlike the other one, I have no way to fix it, and it won't just leave.

There's not much deep thought to this, but… am I the only one who feels like when they talk about their situation improving, it only stays good for a sort while before plummeting again?

I've seen a certain pattern for a good six years, and I've tried to deny it. But it seems like when I talk about the good things in my life at the moment, most of them fall through. Last Monday and Tuesday for example. Monday I exclaimed how nice it was that the issue was done away with, and the next day I get something worse. If I tell someone how amazing I'm going to do in a play for a community project, something happens so that I can't be a part, or it gets cancelled.

It's aggravating. I don't know if this idea that my words are somehow "tainted" and make things happen is logical, but I really don't know how else this sort of thing happens almost every time I open my mouth. By my wonderful religion I know life is not easy and there will be challenges, but it still doesn't seem normal for this sort of thing. To be honest, I'm scared of this strange "luck". Scared enough that I tend to not talk about important problems with specifics until after they have been long past. I've deliberately avoided talking about great things in my life on here, for the fear my most precious possessions(though intangible) will be lost if I specifically tell about them.

Am I crazy or overly suspicious? I'm not sure what to think…

I hate to seem so depressed and backed into a corner, but I just wish I had an answer. The only other place I've seen good go to bad like this is in sitcoms. I refuse to be in a sitcom, for they are crappy realities.


Firstly, give hugs and such to inknalcohol. He's had a rough few weeks, and lost a dog last week. =(

In other news,  Faltering Stairs Chapter Eight is almost here! I appreciate all constructive criticism as always!

And check out my journal page's side panels around Wednesday for my first big feature! Watchers, I love you all and look forward to hearing from you! Have an awesome week! :woohoo:

Awesome Groups

Written-Imagination is a new group, looking for members, as is PottermoreSlytherins for everyone who's been sorted into Slytherin on Pottermore!

Both BuildMeAUniverse and FocusOnLit are always open for new members!

Thirty Day Music Challenge

Day 21 - a song that you listen to when you're happy – I'm Alive!

Just one of my many songs to do a victory dance to. =P

Day 20 - a song that you listen to when you're angry –   Hello
Day 19 - a song from your favorite album – Chaque Seconde
Day 18 - a song that you wish you heard on the radio – My Moves Like Jagger
Day 17 - a song that you hear often on the radio – Jerk it Out

Thirty Day About Me Challenge

Day 13 - Somewhere you'd like to move or visit.

Europe. Once again, I'm working to learn a lot of languages so I can travel all over Europe. I find it so appealing, and that's not including the fact I've got lots of blood from the continent. If I had to move somewhere (because after the places I have lived before, my native city is my dream city), I would probably go live in Italy, on the coast. From what I understand, that area has the same weather as my city, and I hate extreme weather. Also: it's Italy!

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